Sunday, August 2, 2009

How to write a pregnancy blog

This one may be my favorite because of how specific it is.

"Pregnancy is one of the most exciting times in a woman's life. Writing a blog is a way to remember how you felt while you were pregnant. Although writing a blog may seem a lot like keeping a diary, this online journal is different since you share it with others.

1. Register online at a blog hosting site. There are a number of free sites available, and you should compare and contrast the features they offer. For example, some blog sites will host photos for you while others require you to link to photos from a photo sharing website, which you will need a separate account for.
2. Decide how frequently you want to update your pregnancy blog. Since pregnancy is measured in weeks, a weekly update is a logical choice. Of course, you will want to add a special post when you reach major milestones, such as finding out the sex of your baby.
3. Schedule a time each day or week to update your blog. By making writing a part of your regular routine, you will get used to keeping track of your activities and will find that after a short time, blogging becomes second nature.
4. Include information about how far along you are, how you are feeling and how you are planning for baby's arrival in each entry. You may also want to include a photo of your belly each week to track how baby is growing. Although it seems like you will remember how being pregnant felt, these photos can be a nice reminder after baby is born.
5. Invite family and friends to subscribe to your blog. Reveal how you're feeling and update them with photos."

When I want to be told exactly how to tell people what is going on when I'm pregnant, I will look to this how-to.

Look at it here.

How to write article for personal blogs.

No shit Sherlock.

"Writing articles for personal blogs takes some getting used to. However, if you are willing to commit to the process and learn from mistakes and constructive criticism, you could be well on your way to earning a substantial amount of cash.

1. Determine how many words the blog articles need to be.
2. Determine the keywords or phrases for each blog article and their density. Also, be sure to find out how many words the article needs to be.
3. Determine the style of writing for the blog. For example, humorous blogs and informative blogs will each be written in different styles.
4. Write the article using correct spelling and punctuation as well as keyword or phrase density.
5. Submit your article to the owner of the personal blog."

This one is better then the two below... and that is very sad.

How to keep an online diary

This is laughable. This is roughly the equivalent of telling someone how to make spaghetti by saying "step 1. get various cookbooks and find which recipe appeals to you!"

"Keeping an online diary not only allows you to express your thoughts and feelings in a creative manner, but also allows you to share these thoughts with others.

1. Use a search engine to find Internet diary sites. Search for "online diary."
2. Look at the formats of the various sites and pick one that appeals to you.
3. Read the rules that apply to the site. Many sites have strict guidelines about content, language and the use of personal information.
4. Register your new diary by filling out the appropriate forms on the site. Most sites will not require personal information, but you may want to leave an anonymous e-mail address so readers can contact you. You will also be asked to enter a pseudonym for yourself and a title for your diary.
5. Write your diary entries according to the format of your site. Some sites will offer forms to be filled out, or simply blank pages to use as you want."


Find the page here.

How to add audio to your blog

When I was trying to figure out the above question I ran across this gem. It says absolutely NOTHING helpful, especially because anyone looking for this advice would not need to be convinced that they need to add audio.

"Instead of writing and typing posts for your personal blog, you can add audio files of you expressing your thoughts and ideas. Here's how to do it.

1. Open your computer's media recorder (Windows Media Player, RealPlayer, etc.) and connect your microphone.
2. Rehearse saying what you want people to hear on your blog. The content will probably just be an extension of what you usually write for your blog: talking about your job, your day, your love life.
3. Click Record, say your piece and save the audio file with a name that identifies it, perhaps the date.
4. Log on to your blog and review the rules for uploading audio files.
5. Locate your audio file and upload it to your blog. Now everyone can hear you voice your words on your blog instead of reading them!"


See the site here.