Sunday, August 2, 2009

How to keep an online diary

This is laughable. This is roughly the equivalent of telling someone how to make spaghetti by saying "step 1. get various cookbooks and find which recipe appeals to you!"

"Keeping an online diary not only allows you to express your thoughts and feelings in a creative manner, but also allows you to share these thoughts with others.

1. Use a search engine to find Internet diary sites. Search for "online diary."
2. Look at the formats of the various sites and pick one that appeals to you.
3. Read the rules that apply to the site. Many sites have strict guidelines about content, language and the use of personal information.
4. Register your new diary by filling out the appropriate forms on the site. Most sites will not require personal information, but you may want to leave an anonymous e-mail address so readers can contact you. You will also be asked to enter a pseudonym for yourself and a title for your diary.
5. Write your diary entries according to the format of your site. Some sites will offer forms to be filled out, or simply blank pages to use as you want."


Find the page here.

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